One Day to Day One

Ok…this is NOT as straight forward as I expected…but then again, neither is life for that matter and that is what this blog is all about.  Sometimes you have to just plow forward with the best intentions even if you cannot understand how to set the home page up right (no offense wordpress) or how to make it so your kids heads are not cropped off in the photo, or if there be to no way to stop thinking it would just be easier to eat a cookie and go Christmas shopping.

I promised myself I would just start this blog no matter how simple and how not perfect the first post was.  Here I am.  I got this.  Right?

Right.  Now I think it might be important to, you know, insert a cute picture of my kids in here.


Why a picture from the 4th of July you ask?  I could be honest and tell you it is the only picture I could locate of them on my husbands work computer but I am going with “it is a picture of Day One in America after living out of the country for ten years.  Very appropriate for my new blog don’t you think?

What is the blog about?  (you might be wondering if you have managed to stay with me this long)  It is about the fact that we all have power to change our lives on any day at any time for any reason …just by taking the first step and starting with “Day One”.  We can do this.  We can live out our dreams simply by not giving up or giving in.  This blog will show on a Day to Day basis that today can always be Day One.

Are you with me?  I hope so.  Let’s do this thing.

One Day is here and today is Day One of my blog. Did that.



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