Sugar Struggle

In reality my sugar struggle is more of an all out brawl rather than just a little struggle.  I mean, gosh, the stuff is EVERYWERE!  This morning when at a little continental buffet my kids like they chose what looked like chocolate milk to drink.  Later I looked at the ingredients on the carton and saw that the first ingredient was water…then high fructose corn syrup…then some milk solids, then cocoa powder, then regular corn syrup followed by some sugar and on and on it went.  So disgusting.  I am sure my kids found it good and it was a tiny little carton but honestly, how many parents are not reading that label and giving it to their kids as a “healthy treat”?  Not fair.

I found it easier to pick and choose my sugar when I was living in Norway because it was not in much of anything.  It was not added to things in the grocery store, they are not really “corn people” so there was NO High Fructose Corn Syrup in anything…heck they hardly even sweetened the whipped cream that they loaded all of the holiday desserts with.  But here…in the US…BAM!…sugar in EVERYTHING!

Don’t get me wrong, I like sugar.  For sure.  As a pastry chef I have made my living off of it for years but, ya know what?  I just don’t need all of the the added, empty calories and health issues of all of this extra sugar in things.  I love food and frankly would like to eat plenty of it and if my repast is all hepped up on sugar bomb calories I simply cannot eat as much of it.  Clean nutrition…that is what I am looking for…but let’s be honest, now is that season of abandon when it comes to sweets and treats.  Add that to sugar in things like sausage, processed foods, beverages, breads…(I have even seen it in canned corn for gosh sakes!) and what you get is quite simply “too much”.  All that hidden sugar feels unfair to those of us trying to live a healthy lifestyle and frankly even more unfair to those of us who have not been reading labels or learning about the hazards of too much sugar.

So for me…it is time to stop the crazy.  I have done it before and I am going to now do it again.  No more ignoring the added sugar in things.  This I can do.  I can eliminate the unnecessary hidden sugars in things.  There are products out there that are tasty and not made with crazy excessive sugar.  I think as I come across the good ones I will start to review and list them here.  Got any great products that you know of where they have simply made it good rather than loading it up with sugar?  Tell me about it.  I wanna know!

Day one…let’s go!  We can fight the good fight and stop the crazy.  Even if it is just within our own lives.  I believe it.


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